Have a Happy Easter and see you on Tuesday 22nd April...

Welcome to our Website!

You can find the usual facts and figures and policies here but I hope you will dig deeper and discover what makes The Chandler so special.

You can read our weekly newsletter, the Chandler Chat with its regular input from yours truly. You can find out about the innovative way we approach Teaching and Learning and even discover if you are a Pooh, a Piglet, an Eeyore or a Tigger! You can uncover our inspirational curriculum, the cutting edge College and our famous Fun Fridays.

You can discover how important Spirituality is to us, see photos of the exciting whole school events but most important of all, you can find out what the children are doing because they are the reason we are here and helping each of them 'shine' is our goal. Our motto is 'Let Your Light Shine' and that sums up all we hope to achieve with our children as we equip them to be the best they can be academically, socially and physically.

We are very proud of The Chandler and we hope this Web Site gives you a useful window into our lovely school... or better still come and visit us to see for yourself. We are a very friendly school and have an open door policy, although we are of course very hot on Safeguarding!

Tim Burgess (Head Teacher)





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