Video Distribution Agreement

Output Agreement: A production contract requires a licensee to acquire certain rights to a number of films produced in the future by a production company. Indeed, a production agreement is a pre-sale agreement for a number of unspecified films. As a general rule, the exit agreement regulates the entire order, and a separate license is entered into for each film once the film has been designated. You agree that subscriptions provided to Amazon under this agreement for the distribution of non-premium subscriptions from titles (“subscriptions”) are at least the same video-on-demand package, including the same titles as subscription-based video-on-demand packages, which you provide through any non-physical distribution method. Amazon may be available in all media (now known or imagined later) the availability of titles on the service with delivery materials and all images, pendants, logos, promotional materials and metadata that you provide (including non-essential editions of these materials (for example. B, cut, reformad and reformat) as well as all video clips of titles created by Amazon up to (i) 1 consecutive minutes of title sequences that last less than 22 minutes and (ii) 3 consecutive minutes of title sequences that last 22 minutes or more (together). Amazon may insert ads before, during or after titles that are available in the service for ad-supported access, and insert pre-roll and post-roll ads, graphics, videos and logos into or via titles available on the service through all distribution modes. Amazon may provide advertising material in ads outside the program`s website, in all media, to promote related titles and products, service and all features of the Service, and the availability of titles on the Service. Negative pickup: A negative pickup looks like a PFD deal, except that the distribution company, again a studio or a VOD company, agrees to pay a fixed price when the film is delivered. Since the distribution company does not advance production costs, the production company must obtain a loan to finance the production and the lender almost always needs a closing guarantee to ensure the completion and delivery of the film to the distribution company in order to trigger the payment.

Because of the introduction of the lender and the final guarantor, these transactions are more complex than a pfd agreement. To be effective, unless otherwise stated in this Agreement, all members of the contracting party must be written and (i) in writing if Amazon uses the email address on your program account, e-mails on the program`s website or via your program account or (ii) by email. The communications take effect and are deemed to be received on the date it is forwarded or published. This agreement is the complete and final agreement of the parties on the purpose of this agreement and replaces previous agreements, agreements and discussions between the parties regarding the purpose of this agreement. If a clause in this Contract is found to be invalid, null or void, the other provisions of this Contract will remain un prejudiced and will be valid and enforceable to the extent permitted by law. There is nothing in this agreement that will prevent Amazon from exercising a right that it has under another applicable authorization or that, without that agreement, would have a law.