Samsung Smart Tv Billing Agreement

Q: How long does it take to get permission to use the IPR site? A: For staging zone (Development), it takes a maximum of 24 hours. If you sign up site, you can get permission within 1 hour. However, for the operating area, the T-C contract must be concluded in advance between you and Samsung. If it is not approved, please contact When you submit your application for publication, make sure it`s fully integrated into the billing system: to manage your billing product, go to the Samsung Checkout DPI portal. Q: I have errors in response to the API “/billing/service/v2/paymethods/MD” as “status”: “0410424,” “result”: “DA-0219-a7af33],” “LongMesg result”: “Unavailable service support country.”, “resultT” A: MD that you added at the end is the country code and “MD: Moldova, Republic” is not a support country for Samsung Checkout Service. To view the full list of countries in which Samsung is supported, go to the country and currency codes in With exciting improvements already underway for Samsung Checkout on TV, a smart new way to pay on TV will be even smarter. Stay on the third. With a robust and user-friendly API system, Samsung Checkout on TV promises to offer developers a whole new world.

With this native billing option, Samsung wants to help make TV application markets more dynamic and fertile, just as mobile and online payment systems have already changed transactions for consumers. We are developing an in-app purchase app on Samsung Smart TV UN43NU7120. To test Samsung`s billing feature, we used the sample app from here: EE only pays monthly customers of handsets. Not available with SIM plans. You can add up to 3 accessories to the plan within the first 17 months of your Pay Monthly plan. Subject to credit quality verification. You are responsible for the full refund of the accessories to EE. If you update your monthly/telephone payment plan before all 11 payments are completed, they are based on your new plan. If you leave EE prematurely, you are responsible for paying the balance of your Add To Plan product, in addition to the early termination fee for your standard contract.