Teaching for Learning

Teaching for Learning

Remote learning contingency plan.


Our Aims

At The Chandler we aim to promote “lifelong learning” and to cultivate in our pupils a sense of citizenship which will enable them to achieve their full potential and to cope with the challenges met in later life. We aim to cultivate happy, well-rounded, caring and confident individuals who will be able to forge courteous and positive relationships and apply their learning in different contexts and situations. The development of the “whole child” is central to our philosophy.

We believe that we need to get it right – our pupils have one chance at junior-age education and their time at The Chandler is short, precious and cannot be repeated. We strive to provide a quality education, to reflect critically on our practices and to adapt and develop our strategies to ensure we offer the most appropriate learning opportunities at all times.

We actively challenge new initiatives and analyse the benefits for our pupils before adapting our processes – we aim to be a “learning school” at all levels. The staff at The Chandler are the most expensive and valuable resource – it is their impact which has the greatest effect on learning – we therefore aim to ensure their training and development is central to school improvement.

Creating a Quality Learning Environment

We aim to cultivate responsibility and promote pride in our school environment. We believe that unless pupils’ basic needs are met they cannot reach their full potential. We aim for our school to:

  • Be safe, clean, well organised and well resourced.
  • Be kept clean and tidy.
  • Be stocked with suitable furniture.
  • Contain stimulating displays which enhance and promote learning.
  • Comply with Health and Safety regulations to ensure pupil safety.

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