House Rental Agreement In Philippines

Hello! We have just received a subpoena today from the Barangay lupon, our landlord having filed a complaint against us for the unpaid electricity bill (which led to the separation) and the unpaid rent. My situation is this, we have a deposit of 2 months and a month in advance to the owner, but later in September we were not able to pay for the month until Ocotber. That`s why we decided to change houses by the end of November. We have informed the owner that we will only pay the September balance of 1,500 in the months of October and November of 4,000 (monthly). If that is the case, we still have an additional 2,500 euros. Is that legal? We do not have a formal contract or at all. And on the electricity bill, we promised to pay him this weekend his sweldo and the owner did not respond or anything. It is only now that we discover that he has filed a complaint with barangay. My questions are: is it normal to pay our rent this way? Isn`t it a thing to come before the brgy tonight?s please help me. asap in. Thank you very much! Rented for more than 10 years, as recently as last month, our landlord said that he would not increase our rent, since our contract will end this march, but that he will only add a 12% tax and that he will issue a receipt from now on (beforehand, he will only give us a written receipt in regular loan paper.) Our previous rental was 14,750 (including 1k for parking, although it`s an apartment and no condo. And now it`s become 16k more. Are there no tax exemptions for tenants? And in addition to wanting to add that 12% vat (x2- for our two-month deposit), is it legal? Should he really add our deposit just because he has a tax on our rent? And what he hasn`t even repaired every year we`ve rented, he says, all repairs are safe.

I also read that deposits in a bank must be retained as trustees and interest should be paid with monthly deposits or after departure. Is that true in our country? Thank you very much. Good morning, good morning. We have a property to rent for 15,000 pesos every first day of the month, with 1 year (June 2017 to May 2018) signed contract by the tenant. But the contract has not been notarized, and the basis of the contract, if 1 month of default payment, the contract will be terminated. In case of late payment of the LESSEE at the time of payment of the rent, for example. B in the event of cheque deprivation, THE LESSOR may, at its choice, terminate this contract and eject the LESSEE. LESSOR has the right to close the premises if the LESSEE is late for one (1) month and may expire any rental deposit or advance paid by LESSEE. The tenant did not pay the rent on October 1, 2017, as he can pay the rent after receiving his salary. We have informed the tenant of the late payment. The tenant asks to pay the payment for a total of two months on the following month on Novemener, but until the receipt of the tenant`s salary, no specific date.

So my plan is to terminate the contract, but we will give a 3 day notice to evacuate the house, communication will be given on November 1st. Can I ask if this is a legal action? Is that the right thing to do? I hope you can help me, thank you very much. Hello I just want to know what the legal measure is about my problem now. The apartment I wanted to rent has an advance of 1 month and a deposit of 2 months before I move in. Since I didn`t really have any money at the time, I only made a 2 month deposit and promised that I would send the money after 2 days.