Year 6

We start the year with a focus on Local Studies. In this topic, we learn about local links to famous events in History, including the Titanic disaster and World War 1.

In the Spring Term, our topic is Evolution and Inheritance. We study the scientists behind the important discoveries that have led to the Theory of Evolution: Mary Anning, Alfred Wallace, Charles Darwin, Gregor Mendel. We learn about their work and discoveries and about plant and animal adaptations.

Our Summer Term topic is North America. This is a geography-based topic with a focus on atlas work and physical geography.

Year 6 PE, PSHE and Music take place on Thursday afternoons and also Monday morning (6S & 6K) and Friday afternoon (6L).

Homework: Tasks are designed to take no more than 45 minutes.

Monday – Topic/English Spelling and Maths homework tasks are set, due back the following Thursday.
Times tables learning set for a test the following week.

Reading – Read at home for at least three weekday evenings and one weekend session.

Year 6 Autumn Term 2018 Information Sheet: Yr 6 Autumn info 2018 (revised)

Year 6 Spring Term 2019 Information Sheet: Yr6 Spring Term info 2019

Year 6 Summer Term 2019 Information Sheet:  Yr 6 Summer Term info 2019