Year 5



We start the year with a geography focus – mountains, rivers and oceans, with a focus on map work, physical and human geography. We allow children to discover and research all about different continents and countries. During this topic we shall be having a residential trip to Sayers Croft, where we will be conducting our own river study.

Our Spring Term History focus is The Greeks.  In this topic, we learn about: the lives of Ancient Greeks, culture, religion, significant historic events, explore some of their myths and consider their legacy.  We further develop their understanding of the Greeks through our Greek Day, during which learning is a little more practical than usual.  During the term, our science focus is the Earth in Space.  In addition, we have a visit from The Mobile Planetarium from Winchester Intech Centre.  Here, pupils experience detailed views of the constellations and the planets within our solar system through different presentations.

In the Summer Term, our topic is Invaders and Settlers. We study the Romans, Anglo-Saxons, Vikings and Normans. We try to answer some key questions: learn about the history of the Anglo-Saxons; Anglo-Saxons settlements and kingdoms; the discoveries at Sutton Hoo ‘the mystery grave’;learn about the highs and lows of Viking life; Anglo Saxon justice; Christianity. We look into similar situations with the Vikings. Our main aim in both the Spring and Summer terms is the focus on history skills such as using evidence and looking at different sources to allow the pupils to make their own opinions about these time periods. We will hold an Invaders and Settlers Day when children will get a glimpse of some of the challenges of life in the past.

Year 5 PE takes place on Tuesday afternoon and children should wear their PE kit to school.

We expect pupils to spend up to 30 minutes on each piece of their homework. On occasions homework will be a project and will last a couple of weeks.

Monday – Topic/English and Maths homework tasks are set, due back on the Wednesday.

New spellings list given on Monday for a test on Friday (we are using for our weekly spellings: pupils should use this regularly to practise spellings).

Reading – Read at home five times with a parent/carer signature in the Reading Diary (pupils should read a range of different genres).

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