Year 4

In the Autumn Term our focus is on History looking at Egypt.  This is an in-depth study of ancient Egypt and their civilisation.  We begin by locating the Ancient Egyptians on the timeline followed by investigating how the Ancient Egyptians were grouped in a hierarchical society. We learn about their lives, Gods, mummification and the building of pyramids.

In the Spring Term, our topic is Globe Trotting where our focus is Geography.  This will equip children with the knowledge about diverse places, people and  natural and human environments.

We will continue Geography in the Summer Term, communicating geographical information in a variety of ways, including through maps.  We also look at Europe through aerial photographs, globes, etc.  

Year 4 PE, PSHE and music takes place on Wednesday afternoons.

4M & 4S have PE on Tuesday mornings and 4C & 4H have PE on Friday mornings.


Most individual homework pieces should take no longer than 20 minutes. If your child is finding the work challenging, please write 20 minutes where they have stopped. However, we realise some children prefer to spend longer to ensure tasks are completed.

Monday – New spellings list given out for a test on the Friday.

Friday – English and Maths homework tasks are set on a Friday, due back on the following Wednesday.  Occasional Topic homework may also be set.

Reading –   Read at home at least five times a week and record this in your Homework Diary.

Your child needs to practice their times tables regularly and will be tested at different points during the week.


PE: PE kit as per the website – bring in on a Monday and take home on Friday for washing.

Art/DT: Painting apron

Year 4 Spring Term 2020 Information Sheet: Yr4 Curriculum Info – Spring 2020

Year 4 Autumn Term 2019 Information Sheet:   Year 4 Autumn Term Curriculum Information