Cooperation Agreement Slownik

3. Duly authorized officials of one of the contracting parties may, with the agreement of the other party concerned and under the conditions set by the other party, receive information on the violation of customs law which the applicant authority needs for the purposes of this protocol, from the offices of the required authority or authority under the jurisdiction of the required authority. CONSIDERING that the full implementation of this partnership and cooperation agreement will depend on both the continuation and implementation of political, economic and legal reforms in the Republic of Moldova and the introduction of the factors necessary for cooperation, particularly in light of the conclusions of the CSCE conference in Bonn. , 1, and will contribute to it; In the area of health and safety, the parties are developing cooperation among themselves to improve the level of protection for workers` health and safety. Although the current Congress was initially called a lame duck, within a few weeks it reached agreement on three important issues: a bipartisan fiscal compromise that will help stimulate the economy, the lifting of the ban on homosexuals who serve openly in the military, and now, almost certainly, ratification of the new Treaty on Strategic Arms Reduction (launch). Last week, it seemed that we were on the way to an agreement at first reading. W ubiegym tygodniu wydawa`o sié, ée jeste`my na drodze do osi-gniécia porozumienia w pierwszym czytaniu. As part of their respective skills and competencies, the parties cooperate to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of policies and measures to combat the illicit manufacture, supply and trafficking of narcotics and psychotropic substances, including the prevention of diversion of initial chemicals, and to promote the prevention and reduction of the demand for drugs. Cooperation in this area is based on close consultation and coordination between the parties on objectives and actions in the various areas of drugs. We can force people to be happy, but they agreed.

Moémy uszczéliwié ludzi na sié, ale oni sié z nami zgodzili. This title does not apply to the trade in textile products under Chapters 50 to 63 of the combined nomenclature. Trade in these products is subject to a separate agreement, signed on 14 May 1993 and applied on an interim basis since 1 January 1993. We now have the opportunity to reach an agreement in 2008. Teraz mamy okazje doje do porozumienia w roku 2008. n zgoda, umowa, ukadbiz. Economic agreement – umowa gospodarczabiz. Trade agreement – ukad handlowyin agreement with… – zgodnie z… Biz. cancel a contract – uniewa-denied umow-biz. reach a deal – zawrzea umowé 1.

The Community and the Republic of Moldova establish economic cooperation that will contribute to the process of economic reform and recovery and sustainable development of the Republic of Moldova. This cooperation strengthens existing economic ties for the benefit of both parties. This may not be the best deal in the world. Never jest to najlepsza umowa na`wiecie. The contracting parties strengthen and develop cooperation between them, including: the three of us will agree. Troje z nas ma zamiar doje do porozumienia.