Year 5


We start the year with a geography focus – mountains, rivers and oceans, with a focus on map work, physical and human geography. We allow children to discover and research all about different continents and countries. During this topic we shall be having a residential trip to Sayers croft, where we will be conducting our own river study.

Our spring term focus is Space. In this topic, we learn about: the Earth, moon and Sun; day and night; eclipses and seasons; stars and their constellations; planets; The Solar system and light and shadows. During this topic we had Winchester science Museum come and bring their planetarium, where children could see a detailed view of the constellations and the planets within our Solar system. We also made and programmed our own ‘Moon buggies’.

In the Summer Term, our topic is Settlers and Invaders. We study the Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings. We try to answer some key questions: History of the Anglo-Saxons; Anglo-Saxons settlements and kingdoms; Sutton hoo ‘the mystery grave’; highs and lows of Viking life; how great was ‘Alfred the Great’; Anglo Saxon justice; Christianity. We look into similar situations with the Vikings. Our main aim in both parts of the spring term is the focus on history skills such as using evidence and looking at different sources to allow the children to make their own opinions about these time periods. We will hold a Viking day where children will get a glimpse of what the life of a Viking was really like.

Year 5 PE takes place on Monday afternoons.

Each class is learning how to play the Ukulele by Marco Frankland, a professional musician and well known locally.

We expect children to spend 30 minutes on their homework. On occasions homework will be a project and will last a couple of weeks.

Monday – Topic/English and Maths homework tasks are set, due back on the Wednesday.

New spellings list given on Monday for a test the following Monday

Reading – Read at home five times with a parent signature in the Reading Diary

Year 5 Autumn Term 2017 Information Sheet

Year 5 Spring Term 2018 Information Sheet

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