Year 3

Our topic at the start of the year is the Stone Age because the curriculum requires children to learn history chronologically beginning with the Stone Age in Key Stage 2.  Our big idea looks at whether the film, ‘The Croods’, accurately depicts Stone Age life.  After half term, we learn about life during the Bronze Age up to the Iron Age.  We have a visitor who comes into school and shares different artefacts, games and information about this long period of history with the children.  Our science topic is Rocks and Fossils in the first half of the Autumn term and then Animals including Humans in the second half.  Our English work during the Autumn uses a number of different texts to support the learning which includes Ug and Stone Age Boy.

When we reach the Spring Term, our topic is called ‘Where on Earth…?’.  Human and Physical Geography are explored when we learn about different continents, countries and major cities around the world.  Throughout the second half of the term we will continue supporting Geographical skills and learning in exciting ways.  During this term, the children enjoy an educational visit to Brooklands Museum.  This is an opportunity for children to think about transport links around the world and it supports our science topic of Forces and Magnets.  We cover many different genres in English including diaries, stories with imaginary worlds, play scripts and non-chronological reports.  As in the Autumn term, the units are supported by a quality text.

Our summer term returns to a historical focus in topic as we look at the next stage of the chronological timeline – The Romans. One half of the term will look at The Romans in Rome and the other half of the term will examine their legacy in Britain.  Our science topic this term will include Growth and we plan to use what we learn to grow flowers and vegetables.  Our educational visit is to Butser Ancient Farm in Hampshire.  This is an opportunity for children to see the differences between Celts and Romans and decide which they’d prefer to be.

Year 3 maths is guided by the Surrey White Rose maths curriculum.  This supports a mastery curriculum where each component of maths is given sufficient time for children to practise their fluency, reasoning and problem solving skills.

Year 3 PE will take place on Tuesday afternoons.  Please ensure children always have their labelled PE kit in school with them.

Reading is a vital part of a child’s development and contributes to their understanding of all curriculum subjects.  Ideally children should read every day at home and hear stories read to them regularly.  Please do read at least three times a week with your child and sign their homework diary to show this has taken place.



Wednesday –   Topic/English and Maths homework tasks are set, due back the following Monday.

Reading   –   Read at home at least three times a week and sign homework diaries to show this has taken place.

Year 3 Autumn Term 2018 Information Sheet

Please click on the link: Yr 3 Autumn Information 2018