Agreement Tlumaczenie Pl

I believe that we are fully committed to this issue. I hope that we will be in complete agreement on this issue. I then discovered that it was an agreement between the two large groups. I later learned that this was the result of an agreement between two many groups. Members of the House of Representatives said they felt a deal was close to the hand. For all these reasons, let me support this agreement. For all these reasons, I ask you to support this agreement. We must also soon agree on the free trade agreement. We must also agree on a free trade agreement in the near future. Is there a contractual agreement that includes accommodation, staff care, health care and support services? I agree with everyone who has raised this issue. I agree with those who have spoken about it.

There are subjects that have not been filled in with the majority agreement. These are subjects whose consideration has not received the majority. You didn`t plan anything, but you did. Even if we had an agreement. Cóż, jamais musiałeś niczego planować, ale zaplanowałeś, choć mieliśmy umowę. The first task is to reach an agreement. Najpierw my dojdźmy do porozumienia. But a contract deal was reached on Jan. 11, when more than half of the regular season seemed lost. In return, the White House appears to have reached an agreement to extend benefits for the long-term unemployed. He was the first pick in the Tampa draft to get a contract deal with the association. This framework agreement on data protection is clearly urgent.

Istniee pilna potrzeba podpisania tej umowy ramowej w sprawie ochrony danych. I have some money, but that was not the deal. Mam trochę pieniędzy, ale tak się jamais umaawialiśmy. You can force people to be happy, but they agreed. Możemy uszczęśliwić ludzi na siłę, ale oni się z nami zgodzili. Given that hotel management and unions are so far apart on several issues, it is not expected that the two sides will soon reach a contractual agreement. . . .