School Lunches

Children may choose to have a school lunch, or bring their own sandwiches from home. Children who are signed up for a school lunch can choose one of 3 options each day.

Please advise the School Office and complete a Request for Meal Change Form in the School Forms and Letters section at least one week in advance of your child changing from school dinners to sandwiches (or vice versa) to allow the Kitchen staff time to make adjustments.

From September 2019, school lunches will cost £2.35 per day (£11.75 per week).

1) Pay On-line using the Tucasi website: You can pay any amount in advance of the meals being taken (eg weekly, half termly or other amounts). Please contact the School Office for an online link code to enable you to set up your account.School dinners are paid in advance:

2) Pay by cheque (payable to Surrey County Council) or by cash. You can pay weekly or half termly amounts. Please bring your payment to the School Office on the Monday morning for weekly payments. Please enclose payment in an envelope clearly marked with your child(ren)’s name(s) and class(es).

When paying half termly in advance, the School Office will notify you of any overpayment (arising for example through sickness absence) at the end of each half term, and this will be carried forward as a credit against the next half term’s payment.