Clubs are run all year round at lunchtime as well as before and after school. Clubs change from term to term and take account of requests from pupils as well as what staff feel able to offer. The list of activities on offer is constantly changing but here are some of the clubs which have been run in the past:


Football Art Rugby Choir
Netball Drama Cooking Judo
Cricket Craft Revision Cafe Tennis
Athletics Musical Theatre Learn Pads Rounders
Gardening Lego


We are keen to encourage children to participate in clubs, which can often complement their academic work, and broaden their sphere of activities. A number of the clubs may lead to your child representing the School in one form or another, which is a great incentive for a high level of commitment.

Some clubs are more popular than others and only have limited places. In an attempt to treat everyone fairly, we ask children to indicate which clubs they would like to join. It is hoped that if a child is unsuccessful in one term that a place may be made available the following term. The teachers run a number of these clubs voluntarily in their own time. If any parents would like to run or help at a club then we would love to hear from you.

Clubs – Autumn Term 2017 sets out the timetable of clubs available and their applicable year groups for the Autumn Term.

Autumn Term Club Dates details the date in the Autumn Term that each club will be run.

Schools Out!

At The Chandler we host a very popular afterschool club called ‘Schools Out.’ It is run by two of our support staff and provides children with a range of fun activities – both before the day begins (from 8.00 a.m.) and after the school day (until 6.00 p.m.). If you are interested in signing your child up for Schools Out, please complete the Schools Out booking form and email to the address at the top of the form, drop the form in to the school office, or contact Mrs Maria Butterfield or Mrs Fiona Morgan on 01428 683071.

* For details of School’s Out, which provides the School’s wrap around care (8am-6pm), please contact Maria Butterfield via the School Office (01428 683071).