Our Vision for The Chandler 2020

The Chandler Junior School will be the “go-to” school for pupils, parents and all who work here – providing world class education for the local community.

It will be a Child Centred – Christ Centred school in which everyone is welcomed, valued and loved. As such, it will be inclusive – equally embracing children from Christian faith backgrounds, those of other faiths and those of no faith.

We envisage a learning environment in which every learner, adult and child, achieves their full potential – regardless of backgrounds, challenges, advantages, barriers and vulnerabilities … Everyone.

Pupils will continue to enjoy school and its broad creative curriculum. Learning will be purposeful but fun. Teaching will be of the highest standard with the needs of every child being met, enabling each to make the most progress he or she can. Music, drama and art will be areas of excellence and the school will be renowned for these as much as for the high quality PE provision in which we will continue to excel. The Chandler will be a school for the digital generation with new technologies enlivening and facilitating learning for all. Every child will have opportunities to shine and will be celebrated for who they are, and who they are becoming.

The school will be at the very centre of the community it serves – a lively and vibrant, beating heart. It will flex in response to local need, growing accordingly as demand requires. Its buildings, grounds and resources will be shared community resources – in use by the school during the day and by the community out of hours; generating income for the school and enabling a wider range of activities for the local community it serves. It will stand proud in a network of local schools who work collaboratively in the best interests of each community, sharing expertise, resources and opportunities among the wider local area.