The Chandler C of E Junior School


Our Vision is of a school which:


  • Is child centred and Christ centred; the beating heart of our local community
  • Is the “go to” school for pupils, parents, staff and all who enter our gates, equally embracing those of faith, other faiths and no faith,
  • Is inclusive, providing opportunities for every child to find and develop their strengths and talents so that all may shine, celebrated for who they are, and who they are becoming.
  • Ensures physical health and mental wellbeing are paramount, fostered and promoted,
  • Places Values to the fore, where children are equipped to become responsible citizens of their community and the wider world,
  • Has relationships at its heart, where the beliefs and thoughts of others are respected and listened to.


Our Vision is of Teaching & Learning


  • Which is excellent, purposeful and fun
    within a curriculum strongly rooted in the local community,
  • That is both broad in opportunity and rich in experience,
  • Which is both cross-curricular and creative,
  • That is practical, investigative and at first hand,
  • Which enables each child’s needs to be met,
  • Where Music, Drama and Art are areas of excellence and enhance the reputation of the school,
  • Which encourages healthy, active living through top quality, inclusive, high achieving PE provision,
That embraces new technologies; enlivening and facilitating learning for all, in a safe and sustainable way.

Our Vision is of a learning environment


  • In which we can take pride; rich in potential; supportive and stimulating,

  • Which is digitally astute,

  • That maximises spaces for learning in the building and takes full advantage of our grounds,

  • Which is environmentally responsible.

Our Vision is of


  • A school which is an asset to its community – its buildings, grounds and resources in use by the school during the day and by the community out of hours,

  • A school which stands proud in a network of local schools, working collaboratively in the best interests of each community, sharing expertise, resources and opportunities for the good of all,

  • A school which fosters and develops the next generation of teachers,

  • A place of excellence in learning regardless of age – preparing pupils for their best life in the global community and equipping staff with the tools to be the best they can be.